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DeVilbiss DV1 Smart Spotrepair

Inkluderer 1,0 og 1,2 dyse samt 125ml overkopp

  • Artnr: 704532
  • Vekt, kg: 0
  • Enhet: stk

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The DV1s Smart/Spot Repair Spray Gun

The DV1s Spray Gun provides consistency and optimization in spraying the latest materials in the market today. The Spray Gun features three new air caps delivering superior high-efficiency performance for a perfect invisible repair finish.


  • Deliver ultimate Smart/Spot repair application performance
  • Sprays consistent and homogeneous spray patterns
  • Atomizes effortlessly with a selection of finely tuned air cap and fluid nozzle setups
  • Provides maximum comfort and easy use from set-up through the entire spraying process
  • Provides maximum comfort and ease of use with right the first time results
  • Improved transfer efficiency saving time, money and repair costs per job


    • DV1s Smart/Spot Repair Gun Assembly
    • New DV1-M1, DV1-S1, or DV1-S2 Air Cap
    • 2 Fluid Nozzles Sizes in Each Kit
    • 4 oz/125ml White Acetyl Gravity Cup
    • Maintenance Tool Kit: Valve Tool, Torx Driver, Fluid Nozzle Wrench

    Order No. Air Cap Needle/Nozzle Cup Type 
    704531 DV1-M1, HVLP PLUS  0.7, 0.9  4oz (125ml) Acetyl Cup 
    704532 DV1-S1, HVLP PLUS 1.0, 1.2  4oz (125ml) Acetyl Cup
    704533 DV1-S2 1.0, 1.2  4oz (125ml) Acetyl Cup

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